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The Seed Sowers

I looked upon the land of the sowers,

To see what harvest they bore,

and with tears in my eyes,

I looked with surprise.  What seed had they sown? Because I heard the cry of their very sad song.

I wondered what had gone wrong, Did not the people know, the seeds they had thrown, If only that had planted the seed call Strong.

They were seed sowers having the power of right and wrong in their hands, to plant whatever seed they command.

I look and I saw another plot of land, the people were talking and had all sources of good plans, but when I looked in their fields,

I saw absolutely nothing they had yielded, how could this be, there was nothing I could see, but I heard them talking about what they were going to go do.

I heard one said the wind ,the wind it blew so hard, I was afraid to go out to plant the seeds in my yard,  I had good intention, but please don`t mention, that I was afraid.

But didn`t you know, you have received your pay, there is nothing in your field, but fear today.

As I walked along I saw another plot, it had tall weeds and grass in its lot.

I heard the people coughing and choking, and some had fell down, just lying there on the ground, I began to look around, but not to my surprise, guess what I found?

Cigarette butts, empty wine bottles and beer, canned snuff and all other kinds of intoxication and stuff.

There I saw the fruits of their works nothing but dead bodies to be found covering the ground.

As I went on upon my quest, surely I would find the seed of the best.

So I went to go find another place but what I saw was another disgrace.

I took notice of the way the people walked--their heads held so high in the air that they bumped into other people, but they did not care.

They were riding high upon the pride of life.  They would cut your throat and never think twice.

Their hearts were filled with vanity and the seeds they planted were those of insanity. 

It was always me, me, me, and never we, we, we.  The only thing that they could see was

I, I, I, and nothing for You.
This was the only type of work they would do.  The seeds they planted grew and grew.

It grew so big in the middle of their eyes.  They were so full of greed and pride.  They did not realize that the seed that they needed was not pride, but life.

They soon paid the price.  They all lost their lives.

I thought to myself , why is the field so filled with doom, can not the people see -  

there is this great land for them to sow their seeds, they can make honey just like the bee?
Why must it take so long for man to see that he has planted the things that has came to be?  No one else is to be blamed but he.

But, if only he would stop and see , who he truly is and what he can be, when he plants the seed.

I looked and I saw some sowers that had reaped.

I looked closer to see, but they also did weep.

I ran and fell at their feet, why do you sit here and weep?  And they began to cry to me,

we have sown but now we reap, for the seeds we have sown now we weep.

And the cried again saying,

we have sown but now we reap, for the seeds we have sown now we weep

And this is all they would say.

night and day, night and day

This is all that they would say.

And the spirit of the lord came and spoke to me,

John 1:1-3
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God

2 The same was in the beginning with God
3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

Genesis1:3 And God said let there be....

If we take God's Word into our lives, which is Jesus Christ, we would have the Word which is the seed of life to command even as he command - "let there be ..."
Jesus has given himself to be the seed.
So let us sow and reap
And eat the fruit of life that is sweet.
We all are sowers .
What seed will you sow today? 

Sis. Queen Williams, Church of God of Memphis, TN