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Poems & Testimonials


 Poem 1/2

Victory Is Mine


I said I was going to fight

When it calls, I won’t answer

My defense was built up

My words were in line

I was all prepared to win this time

But as the time fast approached

The thought came to my mind

This is the same old thing I did last time

I’m ready …. So I thought…….my words ……. In line

With this defense how could victory ever be mine

How could I stand, How could I remain, How could I not go when it calls my name?

Something was missing from my words

Something was missing from my shout

Something was missing from my look when I moved about

It smiled at my word

No heed was given to my shout

It seemed to take pleasure in the way I moved about

Lord I don’t want it Lord, Lord kill me, Lord I want to be what you want for me

Lord I won’t make it unless You intervene

Lord I want victory over this thing

As I poured out humility

I was refilled with power

An unfamiliar power I received that very hour

I had never felt the power of this hour

A power so strong

This power gave me courage

This power gave me a fight

This power made me believe that I could live right

A power so strong it didn’t take long to realize all doubt was gone

When the matter rose high and the wind blew strong

I was filled from head to toe with my feet firmly planted and my head held high

I was able to say by the grace of GOD NOT THIS TIME -



Servant of GOD



 Poem 2/2 

Lord Speak the Words


Lord speak the words

So my soul can find comfort

Lord speak the words

And quiet this trumpet

This trumpet so loud that I can hardly see

Lord speak the words and comfort me

Lord speak the words

That the winds obey

This wind so strong that I can hardly stand

Lord speak the words with an out stretched hand

Lord speak the words

And make the seas be still

I’m trying to focus Lord my heart desires to do your will

But this sea so strong it continues to rise

It’s now at my waist but its goal is my eyes

As tears began to flow and unbelief tries to surface

I began to remember that there’s always a purpose

Because in my weakness your strength is made perfect

Lord speak the words

But until you do

I’ll use everything I am to keep my eyes stayed on you

In that very instant I heard the Lord say

“Peace Be Still, My Child Come Up This Way”


 All Glory to GOD